Plateforme Fluidique pour la Synthèse, SynFluP

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The Synthesis Fluidic Platform “SynFluP”

is dedicated to

Organic Synthesis in Continuous Reactor

Located in the A11 building in the ORGA group, it provides a flexible access to many fluidic equipment from the micro devices (micromixers, microreactors) to the millifluidic systems (production up to kg/day).

The platform has been built gradually since 2008 and now has almost all technical capabilities associated with performing organic reactions in continuous reactors.

Contact  :

Mathieu Pucheault, groupe ORGA

Technical possibilities in continuous flow

-  Handling of unstable reagents
-  Ultra-fast reactions
-  Gas liquid reactions (H2, CO2, CO)
-  Liquid solid reactions (Heterogeneous Catalysis, supported reagents)
-  Reactions with slurries (Pd/C, NaBH4)
-  Reaction in supercritical CO2
-  Micro and Milli mixers
-  Photochemistry

Operational range

-  Temperature : -80°C to 250°C
-  Pressure : up to 220bar
-  Almost no solvent limitation.
-  Almost no reagent limitation (Acid, base, oxidant, reductant).

Description of equipment

Uniqsis FlowSyn Uniqsis

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FlowSyn combines all the benefits of the FlowSyn system to deliver a compact, fully integrated, easy-to-use continuous flow reactor for single reactions. FlowSyn’s high resolution user interface quickly guides you through the process for setting up a flow chemistry reaction with two reagents. Once set up, FlowSyn automatically runs the experiment unattended, ensuring that critical parameters remain within defined limits.The system can easily be reconfigured for a variety of experiments. Carry out superheated reactions up to +150°C and small scale cooled reactions down to -78°C

Vapourtec R4-R2+ unit Vapourtec

This unit provides the basic entities to preform reaction test with flexible HPLC pumps with ceramic heads inerted with PTF