Molecular MRI team (Yannick Crémillieux)

The research activities of the team are focused on innovative methodological and instrumental developments for applications in the field of biomedical MRI :

  • Dynamic Nuclear Polarization techniques for highly sensitive in vivo MRI protocols : hyperpolarization of Carbon-13 labelled metabolites (pyruvate, lactate) and metabolic MRI/MRS studies
  • Methodological and instrumentation developments for molecular MRI : micro-coil for the quantification of brain metabolites, theranostics contrast agents for lung MRI

Permanent staff

  • Yannick Crémillieux (Senior Researcher CNRS)
  • Noël Pinaud (Technician UB)

Non permanent staff

  • Vanessa Zhendre (NMR engineer)
  • Silvia Rizzitelli (2015-2016) Postdoctoral position
  • Stefan Glöggler (2015) Postodoctoral position

Selection of recent publications

Moussaron A, Vibhute S, Bianchi A, Gündüz S, Kotb S, Sancey L, Motto-Ros V, Rizzitelli S, Crémillieux Y, Lux F, Logothetis NK, Tillement O, Angelovski G. Ultrasmall Nanoplatforms as Calcium-Responsive Contrast Agents for Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Small. 2015 Oct 7 ;11(37):4900-9.

Bianchi A, Moncelet D, Lux F, Plissonneau M, Rizzitelli S, Ribot EJ, Tassali N, Bouchaud V, Tillement O, Voisin P, Crémillieux Y. Orotracheal administration of contrast agents : a new protocol for brain tumor targeting. NMR Biomed. 2015 Jun ;28(6):738-46.

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Dufort S, Bianchi A, Henry M, Lux F, Le Duc G, Josserand V, Louis C, Perriat P, Crémillieux Y, Tillement O, Coll JL. Nebulized gadolinium-based nanoparticles : a theranostic approach for lung tumor imaging and radiosensitization. Small. 2015 Jan 14 ;11(2):215-21.

Bianchi A, Dufort S, Lux F, Fortin PY, Tassali N, Tillement O, Coll JL, Crémillieux Y. Targeting and in vivo imaging of non-small-cell lung cancer using nebulized multimodal contrast agents. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2014 Jun 24 ;111(25):9247-52.

Bianchi A, Dufort S, Fortin PY, Lux F, Raffard G, Tassali N, Tillement O, Coll JL, Crémillieux Y. In vivo MRI for effective non-invasive detection and follow-up of an orthotopic mouse model of lung cancer. NMR Biomed. 2014 Aug ;27(8):971-9.

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Cremillieux Y, Goutailler F, Montcel et al. A Super-Wide Bore DNP System for Multiple Sample Polarization : Cryogenic Performance and Polarization at Low Temperature. Applied Magnetic Resonance Volume : 43 Issue : 1-2 Pages : 167-180 Published : JUL 2012

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Bannier E, Cieslar K, Mosbah K, Aubert F, Duboeuf F, Salhi Z, Gaillard S, Berthezène Y, Crémillieux Y, Reix P. Hyperpolarized 3He MR for sensitive imaging of ventilation function and treatment efficiency in young cystic fibrosis patients with normal lung function. Radiology. 2010 Apr ;255(1):225-32.

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