Séminaire Pr Anders M. N. Niklasson (Invité THEO) - 6 décembre 2016 à 11h00

Pr. Anders M. N. Niklasson
 (Theoretical Division T-1, Los Alamos National Laboratory) est l’invité du groupe THEO et donnera un séminaire intitulé :
"Next generation extended Lagrangian first principles molecular dynamics"

Mardi 6 décembre 2016 à 11h00
Salle de Réunion THEO ISM, 3ème étage Est - Bât A12

Bio : Anders Niklasson was born in Sweden and got his PhD in Physics 1998 working in the Condensed Matter Theory group at Uppsala University under supervision of Prof. Borje Johansson with a thesis on thin film magnetism. Since then he has been working at the Theoretical division at Los Alamos National Laboratory in the group for Physics and Chemistry of Materials. He has been working on a number of different research topics through his career, including modeling fast expanding gas bubbles close to foreign submarines in the Baltic Sea, GMR devices (of interest to data storage), spin density waves and interface stability of magnetic multilayers, magneto alchemy (how to make non-magnetic materials magnetic), disordered local moment models for actinide materials, multi-resolution analysis for electronic structure calculation, image data compression methods, semi-automatic tank detection algorithms, graph theory for distributed computing on hybrid platforms, recursive Fermi-operator expansion methods, linear-scaling quantum perturbation theory, and energy conserving quantum based molecular dynamics.

Contact : Lionel Truflandier

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Abstract Niklasson - 06/12/16

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