PhD position : Nanoscale chemical and structural imaging in liquid medium

PhD position :

  • Research subject : Nanoscale chemical and structural imaging in liquid medium.
  • Name of the supervisor : Sébastien Bonhommeau - Associate professor
  • Name of the hosting laboratory : ISM (Institute of Molecular Sciences, University of Bordeaux, France), UMR CNRS 5255 - GSM group
  • Abstract : Tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (TERS) is an original technique allowing for the chemical, structural and morphological characterization of samples with nanoscale spatial optical resolution (ChemPhysChem 2018, 19, 8-18). Nanoscale chemical characterization is extremely important to describe the composition and properties of heterogeneous nanomaterials, with strong implications in nanoelectronics (presence of localized defects affecting performances…) and biology (DNA sequencing, impact on protein/peptide aggregation processes involved in neurodegenerative diseases…) especially. However, the vast majority of TERS experiments are performed in dry conditions, which drastically limits the applicability of TERS in many scientific fields. In the frame of the Ph.D. research program, we aim at developing TERS in liquid medium and demonstrating in particular the high potential of the technique for applications in biology. The successful candidate will participate to the development/testing of a liquid cell adapted to our TERS instrument combining an atomic force microscope (AFM) and a Raman spectrometer, and will contribute to the preparation of TERS probes adequate for TERS imaging in liquid environment. He/she will perform hyperspectral TERS maps of model molecular monolayers and lipid membranes to identify and characterize molecular microdomains at the nanoscale. He/she will process experimental data using multivariate analysis methods that allow for the realization of systematic and reproducible data analysis. To ensure the project’s successful completion, three research partners (ISM and CBMN labs in Bordeaux and LAAS lab in Toulouse) formed an exclusive multidisciplinary consortium with complementary experimental and theoretical expertise in spectroscopy, microscopy, physical chemistry, biophysics, nanotechnology and data processing. Note that ISM and CBMN labs have already collaborated for many years on the TERS characterization of biological specimens (Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2017, 56, 1771 ; Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2018, 57, 15738 ; J. Phys. Chem. Lett. 2020, 11, 3835). More details on the Ph.D. program can be provided upon request.
  • Candidate profile : The position is open to all students holding a Master (or equivalent diploma) in Physical Chemistry, Spectroscopy, Photonics, Nanoscience, Biophysics or related disciplines. Academic knowledge in molecular spectroscopy and/or in atomic force microscopy would be appreciated. The successful candidate should show clear motivation for experimental work and data processing, and should be capable of learning new skills. Good English communication skills (oral and written) are a prerequisite.
  • Starting date : September-October 2021 / Duration of contract : 3 years.
  • Application : Please send a cover letter (2 pages maximum), a detailed CV, your Master certificates indicating your grades (First year and first semester of the second year at least) and the name of 2 academics able to provide recommendation letters to Dr. Sébastien Bonhommeau by the 1st of June 2021.
  • Contact : Sébastien Bonhommeau, Tel : +33 5 40 00 29 35 / Email : Id : 0000-0002-9213-7201 / :

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