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  • Yohann NICOLAS, 1978
    Assistant professor

    ENSCPB and University of Bordeaux.
    Bat. A12, RDC Est, Bureau 0-03
    ISM, Université de Bordeaux1
    351 cours de la Libération
    33405 Talence

    Email : yohann.nicolas at

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    Research Activities

    My research topics are the design, synthesis and processing of organic materials or organic-inorganic hybride materials used for electronic field (organic field effect transistor, organic photovoltaic solar cell, dyes sensityzed solar cell).

    Education and Position

    2006 : Assistant professor, materials group, ISM, University of Bordeaux 1.

    2005-2006 : Research position, SMO-MN2 group, TUE University, Eindhoven (supervisor: Pr. R. Janssen).
    Synthesis, characterizations and processing of low band gap polymers for semiconducting devices.

    2001-2004 : Graduate assistant, CIMMA laboratory, Angers, France. (Supervisors: Dr. P. Blanchard and Dr. J. Roncali). _Synthesis and characterizations of new oligothiophenes for OFET and photovoltaic devices.

    2001 : Training student, Laboratory of University of Nantes, France. (supervisor: Dr. F. Odobel).
    Synthesis of oligothiophene-bridged bisporphyrins.


    11- The influence of side chains on solubility and photovoltaic performance of dithiophene-thienopyrazine small band gap copolymers
    Arjan P. Zoombelt, Mark A.M. Leenen, Marta Fonrodona, Yohann Nicolas, Martijn M. Wienk, Rene´ A.J. Janssen
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    10- Long-range alignments of single fullerenes by site-selective inclusion into a double-cavity 2D open network
    Luc Piot, Fabien Silly, Ludovic Tortech, Yohann Nicolas, Philippe Blanchard, Jean Roncali, Denis Fichou
    /J.A.C.S./ 2009, ASAP

    9- Quaterthiophenes with Terminal Indeno[1,2-b]thiophene Units as p-Type Organic Semiconductors
    Laurent Pouchain, Olivier Alévêque, Yohann Nicolas, Agathe Oger, Charles-Henri Le Régent, Magali Allain, Philippe Blanchard and Jean Roncali
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    8- Double cation adduction in matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry of electron deficient anthraquinone derivatives
    Xianwen Lou, Renatus W. Sinkeldam, Wouter van Houts, Yohann Nicolas, Pim G. A. Janssen, Joost L. J. van Dongen, Jef A. J. M. Vekemans, E. W. Meijer
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    Nicolas, Y.; Blanchard, P.; Levillain, E.; Allain, M.; Mercier, N.; Roncali, J.
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    3- Planarized star-shaped oligothiophenes as a new class of organic semiconductors for heterojunction solar cells
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    Advanced Materials 2003, 15, 1939-1943.

    2- Synthesis of oligothiophene-bridged bisporphyrins and study of the linkage dependence of the electronic coupling
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    1- Thieno[3,4-b]-1,4-oxathiane: an unsymmetrical sulfur analogue of 3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene (EDOT) as a building block for linear p-conjugated systems
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