BIBAL Brigitte

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  • Dr Brigitte BIBAL
    Associate Professor

    University of Bordeaux
    Institut des Sciences Moléculaires - UMR 5255
    351, cours de la Libération, 33405 Talence

    Email :
    Phone : +33 54000-3364


    - (Poly)-Aromatic Receptors:
    Design, Synthesis, Binding properties and photo-modulation of Aromatic & Polyaromatic Receptors, devoted to Recognition of Biological Species

    - Supramolecular Catalysis:
    Organocatalysis, Gold Catalysis, Photocatalysis

    - Spectroscopic Tools for Molecular Recognition:
    NMR, UV-Visible absorption, Fluorescence emission, Infrared and Microcalorimetry (Collab).


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    Sept. 2003 - present : Associate Professor at the University of Bordeaux, Organic Chemistry Department.
    Interests: Organic chemistry and molecular interactions, Organocatalysis, supramolecular detection and transformation.

    Jan. - Aug 2003 : Temporary Lecturer at the university of Bordeaux, Synthetic detector for leucoanthocyanidine dioxygenase enzyme.

    Jan. - Dec 2002 : Post doctoral stay in Pr Leon Ghosez’s group (IECB, Bordeaux), Synthesis of new bioactive molecules for Alzheimer’s disease.

    Oct 2000 - Dec 2001 : Post doctoral stay in Pr Anthony Barrett’s group (Imperial College, London), Synthesis of supported reagents for efficient peptide coupling : 2-bromopyridine ROMPGels.

    Sept 1997 - Sept 2000 : Ph. D. of Chemistry from Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon (UMR 5532) under guidance of Dr J.-P. Dutasta, Synthesis and complexing properties of functionalised phosphacavitands.

    June 1997 : Diploma from the School of Chemistry in Lyon (Ecole Supérieure de Chimie Industrielle de Lyon, ESCIL) & M. Sc. of the University of Lyon I.


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