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The National Centre for Scientific Research is a public research institute (Public scientific and technical vocation etablissement , under the Higher Education and Research Ministry).

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> CNRS Regional Delegation

The deconcentration of the National Centre for Scientific Research, which began in the 1970s and widespread in 1976, gave birth to a division of the territory into districts, each with a delegated administration.

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> University of Bordeaux (PRES)

Research and Higher Education Center University of Bordeaux wants to make the site more readable, more competitive in the fields of higher education, research and management of resources and equipment from the site.

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> University of Bordeaux 1

The University of Bordeaux 1 is composed of nearly 2,500 agents : 1000 teachers and teacher-researchers and 730 engineers, technicians, workers and administrative staff, 350 researchers and 360 ITA research organizations.

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ENSCBP is an engineering school of the Polytechnic Institute of Bordeaux (IPB). It’s formed by the merger of the National School of Chemistry and Physics with the Institute of Food Science and Technology of Bordeaux.

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> Foreign Guest Club

The FGC is a young association run by volunteers, whose purpose is to provide help and information and to organize social and cultural gatherings for visiting scholars from other countries.


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