Mme COUVEZ Justine

Téléphone +33633578310
Statut Non Permanent
Poste Doctorant
Batiment A12
Etage 4° Est

Justine Couvez is a chemistry PhD student who joined the Light on orgAnics, Glycans and Organic Nanoparticles team (LAGON/ISM) and Polymer self-assembly and life sciences team (LCPO), and the Imaging for Precision Medicine within a Collaborative Translational program (IMPACT) project in September 2022. She is studying the delivery of anticancer drugs by light/temperature activation of new complex system monitored by magnetic resonance imaging. The goal of the current work is to design new smart systems for imaging-assisted therapy by encapsulating anticancer drugs in polymersomes in combination with strongly light-absorbing small fluorescent organic nanoparticles (FONs). Light trigger will be used to induce a controlled jump in local temperature, triggering the release of the anticancer drug.